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Rudraksha, the Sacred Seed

Perhaps he cried for the throat pain that caused him the poison he drank to save the world during Samutramanthan, the shake of the cosmic ocean, or perhaps his tears of joy for destroying Tripura the city of demons, other texts still assure that it was tears of sorrow because he could not support meditation or even tears that flowed after he had seen the condition of the world.

Silver Sandalwood Mala, a perfume of spiritual cleansing

The fact is that Shiva cried and that from those sacred tears was born the tree of Rudraksha, an evergreen called Elaeocarpus ganitrus that is born in certain regions of India and Asia and produces a bluish berry more or less like a walnut whose seeds they are considered sacred. The name derives from Sanskrit and means the eye of Shiva.

Silver Sandalwood Mala, a perfume of spiritual cleansing

According to Hinduism, rudraksha seeds have religious and mystical powers and meanings and are used to make Indian rosaries worn by Sadu, aksamala (mala).

Ayurvedic medicine asserts that rudraksha seeds emit electromagnetic waves that have beneficial effects on the heart, nervous system and blood pressure and alleviate stress, depression, anxiety and mental fatigue.

The seeds are distinguished according to the number of segments or faces in which said mukhi are divided (mukhi in Sanskrit means face) and there are very rare rudraksha, like the one with only one mukhi of which one is born one every three years.

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