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On March 14, 1931, he made his debut at the Majestic Cinema in Bombay, Alam Ara, or "The Light of the World" the first Indian sound film, in the face of hordes of enthusiastic spectators barely controlled by the police.


In India, Alam Ara was a success, as was his hit, "De de khuda ke naam per" The film was directed by the great Indian film director Aredeshir Irani, who first understood the importance of sound and music in Indian cinema and inaugurated the stage of the Bollywood film industry so popular in India.


Alam Ara is, as you can imagine, a love story with "more singing and less talk" that tells of the rivalry of two Parsi queens, in the kingdom of Kamarpur, who dance and sing intrigues and subterfuges, preparing the happy ending: the marriage of Princess Alam Ara and hereditary prince.


Unfortunately, a fire at the 2003 National Film Archive of India in Pune destroyed Alam Ara's latest surviving prints, so the film is no longer available in its original format. His legacy can be seen, however, in the hundreds of iconic songs and dance novels that have made Bollywood the largest and most popular film industry in the world.

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