Sandalwood, a perfume of spiritual cleansing.

Sandalwood Mala, a perfume of spiritual cleansing

The value of sandalwood resides in the goodness of its aroma and the effect that it causes in the emotional and psychological spheres.

It is a fragrance resinous-wood of such a richness and fullness to be comparable to grey amber.

Its scent, very persistent, is of spiritual cleansing.

Silver Sandalwood Mala, a perfume of spiritual cleansing

Sandalwood is indicated - emotionally - because it calms mental activity, stimulates calm and dampens excesses of aggression.

On a physical level, sandalwood is one of the most delicate skin oil essentials: it does not irritate, it restores the proper hydration and scarring the small wounds.


Because of its antiseptic and decongestant properties it is a tad for respiratory problems.

The sandal gives a shake of health, nourishing the psyche and strengthening the body.

The aroma of sandalwood, combined with authentic old tribal pieces from Lambanis Tribes of Karnataka and Rajasthan (India), gives the jewelry a unique fragrance and warmth.

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