Dorje or Varja, the force of lightning.

Sandalwood Mala, a perfume of spiritual cleansing


Dorjee, Vajra In Tibetan Buddhism, much importance is recognized to the meaning of the word Dorje or Vajra, in Sanskrit: the lightning, or diamond, which destroys all kinds of ignorance, being itself indestructible, principle of spiritual and mental liberation on which is based the Tibetan philosophy.


Dorjee is the tantric symbol of absolute, beyond all opposites, is a symbol of unity and strength and represents the three jewels and the union between the material and spiritual worlds.


Originally, it was the symbol of the god Vedic Indra and represents the lightning and is the symbol of the principle of male imperturbable, which stands for the upaya or path method in which there are five goals that symbolize the five jiyas or achievements: the Five Buddha .

Silver Sandalwood Mala, a perfume of spiritual cleansing

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